easy one pot persian chicken

Easy, One-Pot Persian Chicken

The flavour that you get from this dish despite the minimal effort is phenomenal. It's my trusty set and forget chicken dish. Fifteen minutes of prep, throw it in the oven and a few hours later you have a bold and flavourful dinner. This recipe is also easily adapted for slow cookers. 


  • 2.5 lbs chicken thighs

  • 4 tbsp olive oil

  • 0.5 tsp cumin

  • 0.5 tsp onion powder

  • 1 tsp cinnamon

  • 1 tsp tumeric

  • 0.25 tsp nutmeg

  • 0.25 tsp ground allspice

  • 2 tbsp brown sugar

  • 2 large onions, sliced

  • 2 cloves garlic, minced

  • 0.5 tbsp tomato paste

  • 1 cup finely chopped walnuts, toasted

  • 1/4 cup pomegranate molasses

  • 1 cup chicken stock

  • fresh pomegranate seeds

  • chives, to garnish

  • salt & pepper



  1. In large dutch oven add olive oil and place over medium heat. 

  2. In ramekin, combine cumin, onion powder, cinnamon, tumeric, nutmeg, brown sugar and ground allspice.  Take half of the spices and coat chicken thighs, reserve remaining spice mixture. Season chicken with salt and pepper.

  3. In batches of two, brown the chicken thighs on all sides over medium heat. Set aside.

  4. Add sliced onions to accumulated chicken fat in dutch oven. Season with salt and pepper. Turn heat to medium-low and continue to cook onions until caramelized, 15-30 minutes.

  5. To caramelized onions, add garlic, tomato paste and remaining spice mixture. Cook until fragrant, 3-5 minutes. 

  6. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. 

  7. To onions, add walnuts (toasted in fry pan or toaster oven) and pomegranate molasses and chicken stock. Stir to combine.  Taste and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.  If tangy from pomagranite molasses, adjust with more brown sugar.  

  8. Place chicken back in dutch oven, cover with lid and place in oven. Cook for ~ 3 hours until chicken is tender and cooked through. [Note: this is an excellent slow-cooker recipe as well].

  9. Remove from oven, season with salt and pepper and garnish with pomegranate seeds.

  10. Serve over rice & enjoy!