You're welcome. These ribs are going to make you so damn popular you're not going to know how to handle your new found celebrity. They're sweet, they're spicy and they're succulent. These are such a hit among my friends it initiated what is now known as 'rib night'. These occasions have included some of my most fond memories over the last few years and ranged from 3 'dudes' who just wanted to eat ribs and drink beer, to a table of 12 close friends under paper lanterns and stars, enjoying a beautiful mid-summer night.  While they require a bit of effort (time) - they're easy to make and the reward is definitely worth it. 

If you're new to smoking on the barbecue, it's not hard. You can buy wood chips at most retail locations that sell barbecues (and even at some grocery stores now). Simply soak the wood chips in water, drain them and wrap in tin foil.  Poke a few holes and place directly on the burner of your barbecue. Close the lid and wait for smoke. When it appears, turn the burner down (you want a temperature of 250 F for these ribs). Once smoke appears and you've hit your desired temperature, you're ready to roll. The flavour from smoking can't be mimicked and it really is worth the effort, so give it a go! You're friends will love you for it.