Stuffed anaheim peppers: "healthy" nachos!

stuffed chili cover.jpg

The meal that satisfies all your nacho cravings: guacamole, salsa, refried beans, crunchy meat all covered in cheese. Take out the chips and stuff it in a pepper and you have a kinda healthy alternative: ahhhh the stuffed pepper.

There are about a million and one recipe for these things, and rightfully so. They can be fine-tuned to your exact preferences. Here is my rendition. Step one: oven char your peppers. I like anaheim or poblano. Use whatever you like.

stuffed chili-2-4.jpg

And then you start making one delicious layer after another. First choice: meat of preference (or, none). I like spicy garlic sausage. Fry that up reeeeeaaaal nice. 

Layer two - rice, of course. Seasoned with chili & spices and mixed in with salsa. This stuff is delicious.

Next in the flavour parade, homemade guacamole, I'm a purist: just avocado, lime, salt and pepper.

And refried beans. I know, I know. Everyone kinda turns their nose up to these, but when seasoned right and with some green chilis this is damn delectable. Make it. 

Layer that baby up...

Top 'em all with cheese, bake and eat. And eat. ... and eat.