Lamb journey, part 2: gnocchi in a lamb au jus reduction.

We're on part two of our lamb shoulder journey. If you missed it, we started by slow-roasting a lamb shoulder (Sunday dinner) and the recipe can be found here. I'm a bit of a glutton and ate ~1/3 that night... yeah. Anyway... tonight (Tuesday) I used about another 1/3 of the lamb shoulder to make this.  And ohhhh man, it's hard to believe this is left overs. The fresh mint and lemon adds a KABLAM of flavour that helps cut through that rich, dark lamb jus. Plus, who doesn't like gnocchi?    

Start off by refreshing that left over lamb by tossing it with a bit of fat and throwing it under the broiler after generously seasoning it. Brown = flavour. Next up: caramelizing onion and garlic then adding it to the meat drippings, broth and bone to create rich stock. Simmering it down thickens it up, develops the flavour and leaves you with a super tasty jus.  We've got the beginnings of something incredible here. 

Up next: cook the gnocchi directly in the jus. They'll soak up all that flavour and be damn delectable. Once cooked, throw in your browned lamb meat, and add some freshness. Here: lemon and mint. 

It's incredible how well these flavours work. If you've got carnivorous friends, invite them over. They're going to go crazy for this one. Concentrated, delicious lamb and beef jus, tossed with tender lamb meat and potato dumplings. You'll forever be a hero and this dish easily feeds four.

I couldn't wait to eat this recipe, it really is that delicious and despite my best attempt to be sneaky I was caught red handed.  Couldn't shovel this back quick enough.  Enjoy this one, you're sure to love it.