Scottie's Eggs

Scottie's Egg Recipe

I like to think of these as the low-carb option for a gourmet egg mc'muffin. All the egg and ham (... and... cream) without the bread - Atkins would be proud.

They're also my go to breakfast-for-a-crowd option. These are easy to make but make you look like a culinary genius (and the taste suggests the same). Plus, they're teeny, tiny ham cups full of cream, egg and cheese (cooked to any doneness you and your guests prefer) and they can be remixed anyway you want. Got some caramelized onion - throw it in! Left-over spinach? Top 'em up! Bottle of salsa you're looking to get rid of? Throw it in (... you see where this is going).  And it all starts with a muffin tin...

Scottie's Eggs Ham Egg

Cups of ham and egg glory. Cream adds a richness we all crave on those Sunday (or Tuesday) mornings... 

Scottie's Eggs Cream Ham Egg

Top each with cheese and bake. I also prefer mine with freshly sliced green onion.  A quick 20 minutes and your eggs are ready. 

Scottie's Eggs
Scottie's Eggs Ham Cheese Egg Cups

Little cups of cheesy, egg & ham splendour. Enjoy guys! This is a quick, easy and delicious breakfast (or brunch... or supper... or, ... snack)! 

Scottie's Eggs

And between you and me... they taste even better next to crispy potatoes and sliced avocado. 

Scottie's Eggs