Chili sweet potato hash, spicy & sweet!

Next up is one of my Sunday favourites: chili, sweet potato & black bean hash.  This dish is sweet and savory, that ‘BAM, POW’ flavor combo that is so damn addictive. The sweet potatoes, onion and brown sugar caramelize creating this super flavourful crunch. The black beans, cumin, chili and garlic are savory and satisfying.  Together they’re delectable and you’ll have trouble not eating the whole fricken pan. The key to this (and I’ve discovered... many dishes) is a good cast iron pan.  They’re cheap and worth every penny. Pick one up, you won’t regret it.

This dish is perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings and can be used in a variety of ways. I personally like it topped with a poached egg (or two).  You can add diced/shredded chicken or pork and eat it as a wrap or sandwich.  It also makes a great side dish for just about any meal. Enjoy!