End of the road: lamb, part 3. Lamb hash with chipotle sour cream and poached eggs.

We did it! Lamb: Part 3. And, in my opinion, we have the true victor right here, right now. This one shocked me. I was just playing around in the kitchen, but - every once in a while, things align and you're left dumbfounded. This was TASTY. Like - pause for a moment, consider what you just ate, smile like a fool, and viciously shovel the rest in your face - TASTY.  Let's start with the finished product.

This is everything I love. Tender meat, crispy potatoes, rich egg yolk with savoury & sweet flavours bringing it all together. Yeah - it's eggs for dinner, but ... like, really ... REALLY good eggs. 

And the foundation of all this? That tasty, tender, lamb shoulder we cooked a few days ago (thanks again Acme Meat Market!)... if you missed it, the recipe is here. We threw it under the broiler to brown it up and add flavour. Potatoes were crisped up reeeeal good in the cast iron pan, and added to the mix: onion, garlic, chili powder, cumin and... maple syrup. Sound strange? It isn't. I throw that shit in everything. Try it. 

And what are we left with? This hash (as seen after I, uhhh, "tested" it): 

A little closer now...

To finish this off, two things were required: a poached egg and chipotle sour cream. Both are favourites, but the chipotle sour cream is ridiculous. I eat it on everything and it's super easy to make.

Start with a can of chipotle in adobe sauce and blend. You get this:

Add sour cream, lime, and ... maple syrup... I told you! Everything. 

When it all comes together you're left with a damn tasty dinner.  I should also point out that this would work with any slow roasted meat - pork, beef or even chicken.

lamb hash good-27.jpg

If text doesn't convince you, here is my mood immediately post consumption...  I hope you guys enjoy this!