Lamb-licious. Part 1: slow-roasted lamb.

Next up in the -licious series: lamb. Tasty, terrific lamb. I know a lot of people aren't into lamb, but - well, they need to stop it. You should be into lamb. It's incredibly flavourful, easy to prepare and when you land the perfect cut of meat, it's delectable.

I live in Alberta and I am lucky enough to have a fantastic butcher with access to high-quality, fresh meat. If you're in the Edmonton area, Acme Meat Market is worth the trip - the cut and quality are unsurpassed and they are dang passionate about what they're doing. I mean, look at this meat:

I know this recipe looks deceptively simple. It. is. this. simple. But it's also incredibly flavourful, just make sure you get a real-nice lamb shoulder roast. The meat will do all the leg (shoulder?) work. You just got to give it a little time. Well, a lot of time.

The other benefit of keeping this recipe simple is its left-over value. This is part-one of what will be a three-part series of blog entries. Using the left-overs from this roast, you can re-make it into two completely different (and entirely delicious) dishes. That's one roast, three ways. So make this on Sunday night for dinner and you're over half way to TWO other weeknight meals. Lamb: convenient & economical.  Just be sure to buy a reeeeal big roast.

Enjoy guys, this doesn't disappoint!