'Crème-your-pants' Crème Brûlée

Crème Brûlée was the tipping point.  Mostly on the scale of my bathroom, but also the point I really started getting into cooking. I got obsessed with making it, perfecting it. Molten and crisp on the top, cool and smooth on the bottom.  In my opinion, it's the ultimate dessert.  And it's dead simple and easy to make and the recipe can be found here in our butter&sugar section.

To my delight, my little brother surprised me recently with the gift of a kitchen torch. FIRE! Until now, I had been using a broiler to caramelize the sugar on my favourite dessert (and namesake for this site). Well, this took it to another level. They were caramelized perfectly. Every. Single. Time. AND, we had a ton of fun doing it!