Mussels Part 1: Mussels with Leeks, Garlic and White Wine

mussels leek white wine

Mussels - I avoided cooking them for years. They seemed... hard. But I loved them and ordered them constantly at restaurants. One day I decided, hell - I'll try! I'm a man! I can do this! 

Thank god I tried. Guess what - they're super, SUPER easy.

I live in land-locked Alberta and fresh seafood is pretty hard to come by. But I discovered that Costco (yup!) brings in fresh farmed mussels and they are pretty stellar. And cheap. You get 8 pounds of these tasty morsels for under twenty bucks! Here they are cleaned and ready to go:

mussels with leeks, garlic and wine

Served with a piece of toasty (or fresh) baguette - it's a quick, easy, delicious and healthy supper.  I prefer to cook these guys with one of two sauces: a white wine garlic (below) or a tomato garlic (see here). Both are delicious, and if you pick up 8 pounds, you can try both! At once. Gluttony for the win! 

We start with leeks and garlic, chopped:

mussels with leeks, garlic and white wine

Fresh lemon zest and lemon juice bring ALLLL those flavours out.

mussels with leeks, lemon and white wine

Here the sauce is, ready to go - flava central! 

mussels with lemon, garlic and white wine

Up next, those mussels get a quick steam. Be careful! Don't overcook them. When they open, they're done! 

mussels with leeks garlic and white wine

I like to carefully remove the mussels and place them on a platter. That delicious sauce we made? It's in the bottom of your pot. Take half and toss with the mussels. The other half? DUNK SAUCE! Place it in individual ramekins so you can dunk each and every mussel in it before devouring it. 

mussels with leeks, garlic and white wine

These were delectable! P.S. fresh bread is a must (bread, aka sauce mop)! 

mussels with leeks, garlic and wine